Wallermedia is the portal for forty years of media from Gerald Waller. The purpose is to share his work in technology, globalization, and the motion picture industry for education purposes. For the past few years “Faces Of the World” an ongoing series with highlights from China, India, Brazil, Honduras and Cuba, has been the focus.

Prior to that series Gerald spent twenty years in the motion picture industry, starting as a studio engineer, resigning as Vice President of one of the largest studios in the United States in 2003. Since that time he has been committed to academics and technical education. He continues to teach, write and produce media relating to his passions and expertise.

 Currently in the works is “From the Atom to the Outlet”. This will include a book, and other media designed for the electrical student or professional. With so many advances in Electrical Technology, skills required to enter the electrical trade have never been greater. Ongoing education is equally important for those currently working in the  profession. These are exciting times, the future is now. Stay tuned….

Interview with Frank Capra Jr., Bill Arnold, and Gerald Waller about the birth of the film industry in North Carolina.

Gerald Waller, India Sikh Temple visit


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